Project summary



Project Summary: Ikungu - East


MDN Inc. owns 100% of this property.


The property is east of the Ikungu property and 17 km southeast of Musoma and 135 km northeast of Mwanza, second most populated town in Tanzania.


The prospect consists of 2 prospecting permits totaling 133,33 km2

Geology and mineralization

During the first quarter of 2012, MDN Inc. (MDN) acquired mining properties located to the East of its Ikungu property in Tanzania.  The new property covers an area of 133.33 km2 and MDN holds 100% ownership.  At the time of exploration works on the Ikungu property, the geological compilation of available information and the interpretation of the data by MDN geologists in 2011, suggest that the extension to the east of the Ikungu auriferous structure continues on these new mining titles. 

This new property covers a wide portion of territory located between the Ikungu property and the auriferous artisanal mining "Magarombe". This operation is located in the high-grade auriferous corridor of the "Colonial Buhemba" mine which produced 393,000 tonnes of ore with a value of 12 g/t Au