Project summary

Nikonga project


Project Summary: Nikonga


MDN Inc. owns 100% of this property.  


The property is situated 150 km southwest of Mwanza and 40 km southeast of the Tulawaka mine.


The prospect consists of 2 prospecting permits totaling 50.71 km2

Geology and mineralization

The property is located in the western portion of the Kahama Greenstone Belt, which was previously known as the Ushirombo Belt. The property is underlain mainly by mafic volcanic rocks.

Regional data indicate the presence of a WNW-striking lineament that intersects the Nikonga propertand the Tulawaka mine. Two gold-in-soil anomalies situated one kilometre apart and parallel to the regional lineament occur on the property. Multiple values varying from 50 to 580 ppb Au have been detected. These anomalies coincide with and represent the extensions of sites where artisanal mining has taken place in strongly silicified, gold-rich volcanic rock.

“This agreement is similar to the exploration opportunity MDN obtained when it acquired the Ikungu project in 2008. Nikonga is a property which has been mined by small-scale miners, and which has lateral extensions characterized by gold enrichment in the soil, like at Ikungu,” said Marc Boisvert, Ing., MDN’s Vice President of Exploration.